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Dr. Anne-Marie Mes-Masson is an internationally recognized scientist who has authored over 250 publications in cancer research.

In addition to her pioneering work in biobanking, the major focus over her research in the last two decades has been ovarian and prostate cancer. While maintaining an active basic research program that focuses on the molecular events that contribute to cancer initiation and progression, her laboratory has pioneered the development of novel cell line-based models for ovarian cancer, and she was the first to describe their use in three-dimensional cultures.

Dr. Mes-Masson has also established a translational research program largely focused on delivering personalized medicine in oncology. She maintains competitive funding to characterize biomarkers in both prostate and ovarian cancer. In addition, she leads a multidisciplinary team in the development of empirical testing using microfluidic-based ex vivo tumor explants as a cutting-edge alternative for the delivery of personalized medicine. Her recent fundamental research in ovarian cancer focuses on the prediction of therapeutic responses and the development of new therapeutic agents for ovarian and prostate cancers.